Rudelyns Sari Sari Store - Poor Packaging and Poor Service
I'm surprised that some people even got responses! I emailed on multiple occasions, and never even recieved 1 back. Due to this and the amount of time it was taking to get the seeds I ordered, (although they were really cheap) I submitted a claim to my bank as this...
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Rudelyns Sari Sari Store - No item, no service
Very unpleasant experience, ordered a present for a 3 year old that has no yet been received (15 days since I ordered it), I was not concerned by the delivery time when I enquired about the whereabouts of my item, I was more concerned by the tracking number returning...
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I didn't like
  • Being spoken to disrespectfully
  • Not receiving the item
  • No refund
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This person at, has sent me out dead seeds, said they would send me out a replacement order, but never did. For the most part, they have ignored me and my other complaints to organizations, like the BBB. Do Not Trust! This person...
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